Why InPiece?

As artist with graphic design and marketing background, we created

many brands. One of the most challenging things is finding the correct name. Funny to say, the more simple things are, the harder they are to design. Look at Apple for instance. Simple. Yet, innovative.

The name 'InPiece' consists of two words. 'In' for inside. 'Piece' for story. Whether it is fashion, photography, beauty, or art. We want well known and promising artists to share a piece from their art.

At the moment we are based in Jacksonville Florida. Many of the featured artists are local, as well as surrounding states. Although we are open to inviting artists around the globe to be part of our community. Our wish is for everyone to feel as part of our team, and to continue growing.

- The InPiece Team

Photo by @Chipxhazard


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